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  National Park Mljet, Croatia


You can become a part of the ecotourism movement in the Adriatic by enjoying your holidays in newly built apartment studios that use the latest techniques in sustainable tourism development.

The house was built with already existing materials on spot and the rest from recycled and reused products. During the construction, vegetation was not disturbed. The architecture employs passive solar design, timers and sensors to maximize efficiency, rain collection, organic waste composting and gray water treatment. Due to limited funds, we were unable as yet to achieve generation of electricity by photovoltaic equipment and wind generators.

In the near vicinity of the village you can take advantage of various sports; kayaking, canoeing, bicycling, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or just relaxing in the quiet and peaceful surrounding beaches and forests.


Apartment studios feature:

All rooms have queen beds (extra accommodation is available upon availability) full kitchen and amenities, dining room appliances, private bathroom and a balcony.


April 1 - May 30
October 1 - December 31
50 EURO/night, double occupancy Additional guests in the same suite 10 EURO/night/person

June 1 - September 31
80 EURO/night, double occupancy Additional guests in the same suite 15 EURO/night/person

Reservations guaranteed with a 30% deposit.

For reservations and information call:
+385 20 744 024
Or send e-mail [gina.hajdic@hotmail.com]
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