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  National Park Mljet, Croatia

Holidays on the Emerald of the Adriatic

If you are looking for a place in the Adriatic where your activities will not leave biological footprint in a pristine, natural setting, this is the ideal place for you.

Your search for the unforgettable holidays on the Croatian Adriatic may have just ended. Visiting our small Mediterranean-type village Soline, located within the basic phenomenon of the National Park Mljet, in the channel connecting the unique seawater lakes with the open sea which is the most protected area of the Park, your holidays will get a new, fulfilling meaning.

Our four apartment studios are supported by new site-sensitive technologies which include Clivus Multrum waterless toilets, graywater treatment, passive cooling and heating of the house, solar technologies, all made to preserve, protect and even enhance the fragile surrounding ecosystem. We made possible for the “green” travelers for the first time in the Adriatic to enjoy vacations in close proximity to nature, while leaving no biological footprint behind – for those who want to go home feeling as they helped to preserve some of our most precious natural wonders


Our Goal
  In response to the growing ecotourism movement we initiated this project with the support of National Park Mljet authorities, thus for the first time starting the active collaboration between the sectors of conservation, tourism, government, and us, the local community. We know that we are still away from the point at which we could say “we achieved the perfect balance”, but we know this is the right way since natural creatures in this unspoiled surroundings still feel comfortable in our presence, and we just want to keep it that way and even make it better, with your help and support.

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